Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cody's Ship Made the News!

His department on the ship was mentioned too! lol I am excited for him. He is a SPY-1 Aegis radar technician on the USS Curtis Wilbur, DDG 54. Its a big deal because the Curtis Wilbur is hardly ever mentioned.

Here is the Link:

If the link does not work here is what was said:

"The ships -- three destroyers and one cruiser -- are capable of tracking and shooting down ballistic missiles using powerful Aegis radar systems aboard each vessel.
Two ships are in the Sea of Japan, the USS Curtis Wilbur and the USS Stethem, both guided-missile destroyers. Two other ships are on the Pacific Ocean side of Japan to monitor the missile if it flies over that nation. Those ships are the USS Shiloh, a guided-missile cruiser and the USS Fitzgerald, another guided-missile destroyer, the officials said."

Monday, March 30, 2009

Easter Trees

Ewww I want to make one of these so bad. I am afraid once I start Easter will be over. Next year.... I will have an Easter Tree. My favorite is the Martha Stewart cherry blossom branches. I found the others on google images. I love the bonsai and the picture was just too cute.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Farewell to My Free Week

Well spring break was last week. I had a nice time lounging around. I did take a spring break trip, but it doesnt sound as exciting as it really was. Me and my friend Sonya took a 2 hour trip to Burger King on Yokota Airbase. lol
I know it sounds lame, but when you havent had Burger king in almost 2 years plus the shopping was excellent. There was good shopping all the way to the base. Their BX is huge! It was really nice out there too; the base was set in the mountains and there was just so much space to just breathe in. Here in Yokosuka we are packed like sardines! I also spent some of my spring break gardening and finally caught one of those Dive in Movies at the gym. All in all good vacation.
This week I am back to school. I started my Marine Biology course on Tuesday with Dr.Fiedler. I am particularly excited about lab days, we go on field trips! Every Sat. we go some where, 2 weeks we go to a tidal zone, another week a sand marsh, the next an aquarium, and lastly we get to go to one of the biggest seafood markets in the world. I so excited I love animals so I am all giddy about the exspierence. Well it is getting late and need to start my day. Just felt an update was in order.

Friday, March 20, 2009

What I've Been Up To

Right now I am on spring break. I made A's in my latest classes and am impatiently waiting for Marine Biology this upcoming semester. I have been trying a few new looks with my hair, but have turned up nadda. I have been trying to get in shape, but some how gained pudge.

Recent Projects and Latest Excursions:

*Decorated my house for Easter and my cat is looking more and more like a white rabbit.

*Cody and I rearranged the furniture and it looks gooood :)

*Sonja and I went to Ikea and I found some snazzy place mats.

*Sonja and I put together a 1000 piece puzzle over during this deployment. I refuse to take it apart.

*Sonja and I drove 2 hours to eat Burger King. It was worth it! We went to Yokota Air base, the biggest base I have ever seen, you could fit 3 Yokosukas in half of Yokota. It was refreshing to finally be in a wide open space. It was so pretty the base is set near a mountain range. We shopped at the BX for almost 4 hours oogling all the new products. It was like a vacation. :)

* And lastly before Cody deployed he built a shelf for all the game systems and computer. We are going to put a computer monitor in the back of the shelf and hook it up to the TV so we can watch our downloaded movies on the big screen :) Can't wait.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Its Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas...

Lately, I have been super busy with college so busy that I have completely neglected all other parts of my life......except for cleaning and.....decorating. What can I say? I just cant live in filth or poor visual atmosphere.My god I just couldnt help myself...I needed to study for an upcoming quiz but the Christmas spirit just over took me. Fall was gone Thanksgiving night and Christmas had come. :) This year I am soooo proud of my feather garland. I love it!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Busy Busy

My latest project, fleur de le boxes. Love em! I threw all Cody's video game controlers in them and they hide all the ugly wires.
Cody is home. I am soooo happy. :) I wish I had more warning. I have NO groceries, and I got the house clean JUST in time. I found out the night before he came home.

I am attempting to sign up for my college classes tonight. I took my English entrance exam and did well. I just need to study hard for my math; I've forgotten ALL of high school.

Tonight, I am going out to celebrate my friend Jennifer's Bday. We are going eat Italian.

This weekend is the Yokosuka Bazaar. I will work all of Sat. and it will be crazy as usual. (I love it!) I plan to shop like a mad women, but probably will not find anything.

Well, need to cook some dinner.

Monday, September 29, 2008

A Rough Night

Last night after coming home from work, I flopped down on the couch and tried to watch TV. My cat jumped in my lap smelling very offensively. I pushed him on the floor and realized that something was amiss. He had stepped in his own mess and tracked it all over the house. It was awful. I gave the cat a bath and cleaned house. I emptied the litter box and went to the dumpster at 1am. I stared behind me disgusted, there was a long trail of litter leading to the apartment entrance. I lost half the bag. I was mortified. Thank GOD no one saw me. I ditched my trash and slumped back to my apartment to fetch a broom. I hastily cleaned the mess as best as I could. God was super good to me this morning because when I woke, it was raining. :) Cleaned up all the shame of last night. Well that was my awful night. Off to work again!
ps no transcripts yet and no word on Cody's home date.
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